Travel Insurance

When traveling on vacation, it is recommended to consider the option to purchase travel insurance. We simply never know when one falls ill, gets injured or has a loved one pass on. You have the ability to purchase Travel Protection Insurance to protect all the payments you make, from deposit to your final payments. Whether it will be for a cruise vacation, a quick trip to Europe, an International safari or a lengthy retired getaway, we consider this a time to really think about getting Insurance. Does your health care cover you when you are traveling Internationally and have to see a Doctor or have to cancel before you leave. All of these scenarios. We have regularly faced with all our customers. We will be happy to explain all the coverages to you. Meanwhile, we are listing two of the best companies that office this protection. None of us are getting any younger. We use them regularly for our customers and so we may answer any questions you may have. Please open the choices below and then ask us about any questions you might have for any of the policies and coverages.

Sincerely, the Team at Cultural Vacations & Safaris.

Travel Basic Coverage

Travel Select Insurance

CSA Travel Protection Protect&Tour

Travel Basic Insurance Price are per person - Maximum 30 days.

Travel Select Insurance - Price are per person - Maximum 1 year.

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